Registered Dietitian

Jennifer Roberts, MSc, RD.

Jennifer Roberts is a registered dietitian specializing in disease prevention/management, rehabilitation, and sports and exercise performance.

Jennifer completed her undergraduate degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland (2006), and her Master’s Degree at University of Guelph in Ontario (2010). After moving back to St. John’s, Newfoundland in 2010, Jennifer founded the nutrition department of Body Quest, where she provides clients with evidence-based, individualized advice for wellness, disease prevention/management, and optimal performance. Her services range from one-on-one consults, group packages and workshops. Jennifer is a member of Newfoundland and Labrador College of Dietitians and Dietitians of Canada.

Jennifer believes that collaborating with other professionals enhances her practice and allows her to reach more people in the community. Jennifer is proud to be working with the multidisciplinary team at Body Quest. Additionally, Jennifer has collaborated with Peak, Town of Paradise, Mount Pearl Marlins Swim Team, Alex Foley’s Martial Arts, Coffee Matters and Eat Clean Healthy Grill and Juice Bar. Through this collaboration, she has developed weight loss programs and has reached a number of athletes to help them understand the importance of good nutrition. She is currently working on corporate wellness programs, and a prenatal and postnatal program.

Jennifer is very passionate about fitness, health, and wellness, which is why she is completed specialized training in area of sports nutrition. This training provided a unique opportunity to work with athletes of all levels and training abilities to help them reach their peak potential. Jennifer believes that for an athlete to be their best, they first need to provide their body with the optimal fuel! With optimal fuel, athletes will perform better and advance further in their physical and mental training.

When not helping guide others on how to properly fuel their bodies, Jennifer is often found spending time with her family and taking part in many physical activities, including hiking, zumba, and chasing around her 3 year old son! Jennifer is eager to bring her passion for healthy living to fellow Newfoundlanders.

Jennifer Roberts

Additional training:

  • Intensive Sports Nutrition Course
  • Waisting Away Workshop (Adult obesity)

She is a member of the following networks:

  • Consulting Dietitians Network
  • Sports Nutrition Network
  • Hockey Nutrition Network
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
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